What are Vital Families?

Vital families are ordinary families with a growing passion to love deeply, build leaders and strengthen their communities.

Our passion is to see families live their purpose – to be the sanctuaries, leader-makers, and community builders that God created them to be.

Communities are waiting for families to love them.


Created by a highly relational God, we were made to love and be loved. Learning to experience and give committed love is at the core of the Vital Families journey.
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Vital families focus on building holy and humble leaders who skillfully engage the world around them with persevering kindness and productive impact.
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What We Do

Vital Families provides what’s missing in the lives of so many families: a soul-satisfying way of life and a practical plan to give a legacy of love to a hurting world.

To do this, we connect families in small groups who walk together with a coach for a year.

Our focus is on learning three habits: how to love deeply, build leaders, and strengthen our communities. Families practice using tools and resources that support these habits.

The first year is followed by a second year opportunity to become a “catalyst family” which deepens and broadens the work accomplished in year one.

We give families a way of life that satisfies your soul.


Vital families believe God is actively restoring broken lives and communities every day. The Biblical story is a radical story of exchanges: freedom for captivity, praise for despair, light for darkness, and restoration for devastation (Isaiah 61). Vital families engage their community in response to being loved and led by this restoring God.
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Become a vital family

We are building a list of churches, schools and families who might be interested in the next round of coaching and family groups in 2020. Meanwhile, we are hosting monthly workshops in the Knoxville area covering pressing topics of concern for parents. Be sure to sign up for our newsletter and read our blog.


Interested in learning more about serving as a coach? Click below for more information.

The ideal candidate will be a sincere Christ-follower with experience raising children and a burning desire to see families succeed. Beyond that, coaches will come from a broad range of life experiences and cultural backgrounds.

Donate to Vital Families

We feel called to help 10 percent of the families in every county we enter to incorporate the three vital family habits into their daily lives. This represents a tipping point for social change movements. Your gift will help us impact those families.