FAmilies want more

Families want to fulfill their Biblical calling to love deeply, build leaders, and strengthen communities, and they are designed by God to do so. But many are overwhelmed by life’s busyness and problems. To succeed in ways that truly matter, families need the right kind of help: personal, relational, and given in the context of a rapidly changing world.

Families carry a mandate

As the first human institution formed by God, families were created as the core building block of society. They were charged to raise up generations who build civilizations, shape culture, and forge a world for God’s glory and human flourishing (Genesis 1:26-28). Since the world fell under the influence of God’s enemy, families also act on behalf of His Son, Jesus Christ, to reconcile a broken world back to Him (2 Corinthians 5:18-20; Matthew 28:19-20).

Families are on point

Research shows that most adult beliefs and behavior are formed by age 13. Families have the opportunity and responsibility to be the primary shaping influence on young people when it matters most.

Family habits forecast the future

Good or bad, the habits of today’s families provide a glimpse into the future of our communities. Simply put, we become what we do regularly. Youth who grow up learning to love deeply, develop as leaders, and serve others will become adults who build vibrant, thriving, hope-strong communities.

Families build leaders

Leader-building is at the heart of what families do. Families change communities by equipping young men and women with leadership behaviors such as keeping promises, demonstrating humility, caring for others, and contributing as a productive member of a family team.