Three Habits

Habit 1

Vital families love deeply. Created by a highly relational God, we were made to love and be loved. Learning to experience and give committed love is at the core of the Vital Families journey.

This habit is about building meaningful relationships. It’s at the heart of what it means to follow a relational God and to be made in His image (Genesis 1:26).

We help your family design and execute a realistic plan for growing close to God. In this age of digital distraction, intimacy with God is rare. It’s a fight to focus on the unseen God when He competes with the 24/7 soundbites and entertainment smartphones offer. Most families need ideas, resources, and lots of support in this most important area of family life.

As you grow closer to God, we also help you grow closer to each other. The bonds you share with your family are sacred. That’s why they can hurt so much when they suffer.

By living out a family covenant, scheduling regular family meetings, and shaping a calendar that prioritizes relationships over rush, your family builds the structure necessary for strong relationships. This helps family members learn to respect each other, communicate better, listen more carefully, and live with grace.

This stuff matters.

Your relationships are God’s primary tool for developing His character in you. And in the end that’s what matters most.

Habit 2

Vital families build leaders. Vital families focus on raising holy and humble leaders who skillfully engage the world around them with persevering kindness and productive impact.


Ready or not, the future of your community is sleeping under your roof tonight. That’s easy to say but hard to remember while trudging through everyday responsibilities, tired kids, and the constant pressures of life.

Besides that, most of us have never been taught how to raise a leader and rarely feel good about our own leadership style. It’s easy to feel stuck on this one.

We can help.

We believe your family is a team assembled by God to be a force for good and for God’s glory on this earth (Genesis 1:26-28; Psalm 139; Isaiah 43:7).

Moreover, families are God’s first and most basic leader incubator. As such, we view your family as a team of leaders in process. Each of you will influence someone else nearly every day.

Our program helps families create and execute a leadership growth plan for every member of the family. We treat each member as a uniquely designed leader with special talents and a holy calling. Individual assessments are given to help family members learn their unique strengths, personalities, passions, and abilities. These future leaders are gently guided into a more leadership-oriented way of thinking and behaving.

Additionally, we work with the community to provide high school and college students both short and extended internships in businesses, non-profits, churches, and ministries. These internships offer valuable experience in areas such as personal productivity, people skills, teamwork, multi-cultural exposure, responsibility, working under authority, and developing a strong work ethic.

Students are also introduced to leaders throughout the community who care about the next generation and want to invest in them.

We believe this aspect of the Vital Families journey is a game changer for those involved. Passionate, leadership-oriented families translate into stronger, more deeply loved communities. 

Habit 3

Vital families strengthen their community. Vital families believe God actively restores broken lives and communities every day. The Bible is a radical story of exchanges: freedom for captivity, praise for despair, light for darkness, and restoration for devastation (Isaiah 61). Vital families engage their community in response to being loved and led by this restoring God.

Our communities are God’s workshop. Every day He is busy healing, reconciling, restoring, rebuilding, and making all things new (Revelation 21:5). Your family is both His project and His team. You carry a mandate to help shape a piece of the world for His glory.

Designed by God, your family was sent to do what only you can do (Psalm 139; John 20:21). All around you, there are captives to free and communities to rebuild (Isaiah 61).

With several decades of collective experience, our team helps you engage your community the right way.

Depending on where and how God leads you, your training might include some of the following:

  • Understanding the biblical calling on your family: to love God, love mercy, act justly, make disciples, and take the gospel to the nations
  • Making time to serve others when you find no margin in your day
  • Redeeming the routines of everyday life
  • Being a learner and a servant in your community
  • Serving in ways that help and not hurt
  • Building ministry skills for rural, urban, and suburban contexts
  • Learning and serving in multi-cultural communities
  • Communicating your faith with respect and gentleness
  • Understanding how cities work and why it matters
  • Seeing and sharing God’s stories in your community
  • Loving your neighborhood throughout the seasons of the year
  • Serving the special needs populations with skill and commitment

Your family might serve through one of our community ministry entry points located throughout the community. We partner with churches and other allies to host ministry launch sites where we gather to pray, train, and send out families to learn and serve in their communities. This is a collaborative effort between community members, non-profits, ministries, churches, and businesses. These community-based launch sites ensure ministries genuinely help and do no harm.

Serving in your neighborhood and community can become as natural to your family as other aspects of family life. This simple act of giving yourselves away on a regular basis will transform your family. Research indicates that families who serve together outside the home on a regular basis report much higher levels of satisfaction in their relationships and a sense of meaning in their lives than those who don’t.

And through these many adventures, your family will become a vital family.