What you get

a vital Quest

with a coach, other families, and tools specially crafted for the journey ahead

Our families start their Vital Family Quest with a fun launch weekend where they meet Vital Families coaches, staff, and other families. The weekend is full of laughter, learning, and inspiration. Each family receives a custom-fit travel guide containing inspiration, tools, and resources to assist their journey.

Next, families meet once a month with their coach and three other families to share the experience. These meetings are valuable for unpacking key concepts, sharpening focus, becoming unstuck, and deepening friendships. In addition to the monthly meetings, three more vital family weekends give clarity, inspiration and essential tools to the family.

Coaches also meet privately with each family to help establish and execute their most important goals, a few at a time.

a consuming Purpose

based on three habits applied to your unique context and family

The Quest uncovers each family’s unique, God-designed purpose and core values. A deep dive into the three vital family habits provides both the will and the structure to become a vital family. Families are awakened to the stunning true story of the mighty King and what He is doing in their lives.

By utilizing team assessment tools and training, families learn how to think and act as a team. Ultimately, they develop a rhythm of life and a realistic family schedule that fleshes out each member’s purpose, reinforces their core values, and turns dreams into life.

Momentum for change is built through prayer, goal setting, gentle accountability, and lots of encouragement.




that comes from learning how to live for a greater purpose with a maturing love

Vital Families staff and coaches also help families resolve difficult issues faced by today’s parents. These issues might include:

parenting teenagers
diet and exercise
building a friendship with God

Whatever each family faces, our team of coaches and staff help each one achieve progress.


a servant


responsive to the call of our King

Eventually, the Quest leads families into their communities to meet new people and explore first-hand the story Jesus is writing. At the right time, each family learns how to thoughtfully engage the worldview of the surrounding culture and to dialogue about faith in Christ with humility and skill.

Families see ministries in action, meet change agents, and receive hands-on experience. They see heroes up close, quietly working to rebuild lives around them.

Families get a field-level view of real life in their communities, along with training on how to engage in ways that help and not hurt. Eventually, each family begins to serve others, slowly at first, then more regularly as a lifestyle.


a Legacy

a life of meaning and impact

These steps work together to lead the transformation into a real-life vital family: one that exists more than ever for the glory of God and the good of others; one that contributes its own chapter to the epic story of the King who gave His life for us, and who is making all things new (Revelation 21:5).

The journey is transforming. Life-giving. Leader-shaping. Heart-warming.

And it’s possible for your family.


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