Vital Families is a registered 501 (c)(3) and gifts are tax deductible.

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Our passion is to see God unleash a flood of purpose-driven families into the streets of everyday America through the influence of well-trained, church-based family coaches. These volunteer coaches act as cheerleaders, guides and advocates for small groups of families who are deliberately rearranging their lives in hot pursuit of their unique, God-designed purpose. 

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  • A compelling reason to hop out of bed every single day to chase down their unique, God-designed purpose and flesh it out!
  • Real friendships with an interactive, fully-engaged God as family members discover fresh ways to be immersed in the epic true story of the Bible and to play their historical role in its mesmerizing drama.
  • More noticeable peace and hope as each family learns to use simple tools to build trust, resolve conflict, and create memories with each other.
  • A leadership mindset and skill set that enables family members to fight distraction, build powerful habits, and experience the fruit of a specific, purpose-chasing life.
  • A practical way to obey Jesus’ command to love the community on His behalf.
  • A soul-satisfying way of life that aligns busy schedules with heart-felt core values, enabling family members to become the kind of people they really want to be and to produce the kind of leaders our communities so desperately need.
  • Friendships with other families who want to live “bigger story” lives.
  • Friendships with church, ministry, and community leaders who help make communities strong.
  • A Family Support Alliance – which is a broad-based support network of professionals and volunteers who care about the well-being of families and want to support them. 

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  • A tangible way to rebuild the crumbling foundation of its future by helping families build three habits that matter most – to love deeply, build leaders, and strengthen communities. 
  • A working network of friendly, trained Christian family coaches distributed throughout the community across color, socioeconomic and denominational lines.
  • Young people who are learning to be influential, inspirational and wise – using their gifts and abilities for noble purposes that make communities resilient and strong.
  • More family and church volunteers for the hundreds of volunteer opportunities every community needs to fill in schools, ministries, non-profits, youth coaches, and service clubs.
  • Life-giving relationships families offer lonely communities such as those with isolated elderly, unwanted kids, tired refugees, hope-worn veterans, and distressed teens.
  • Community service portals hosted by churches in communities where volunteers are equipped and sent out.
  • A mechanism for empty nesters and community members at large to assist families through coaching and other roles in the Family Support Alliance.
  • A bridge for struggling families – whether single parent families, grandparent families or others – to walk on to gain a sense of purpose and a way of life that builds confidence and hope.